Monthly Archives: July 2016

We’re Back!

I want to post about the vacation we just went on – but I’m not starting right now.  The Abels had another big road trip this year, complete with the visiting of relatives, and we had a lot of fun.  We also hit a lot of bumps in the road, but we are back home now and we are having a lot of fun here.  The irony is not lost.  We went on a journey for happiness only to find it in our own backyard.

Because of all the ripe tomatoes, you see.

Today has been a produce day in which pickles have been started, and beans and blueberries frozen.  There was a pie as well, so that was nice.

Summer break is halfway over, frittered away on nothing of consequence, which is a pretty important thing to do over summer break.  But we’ve made a lot of memories as well.  But what happened on vacation?  Well, we’ll see if I remember to tell you, America.

Currant Events

After a pool party and hot sun, the kids and I rolled into the Muskegon Barnes and Noble to buzz Grandpa.  He is looking well these days with his rock star haircut, keeping busy with grading tests.  The kids were worn out from a day of play and I wasn’t sure if we’d go to the house or not, but I’m glad we did.

Upon the bush in back were berries.  Currants aplenty.  My mother made currant jelly long ago, you see, every summer.  She did not pass the secrets of the harvest to me, though, because there were not many berries.  Three cups, perhaps?  I don’t know, but I’m going to get some jelly out of this no matter what happens!

Preserves this summer have been poor. Our strawberry jam did not set up, and we are not at the right time for cherry jam this year.  However, the UP may bring an abundance of thimbleberries, which are the classic jam berry for Sam.  Wild berries are our favorite berries, and they have become especially valuable with our house in town – no wild berries in the backyard!