Monthly Archives: December 2013

Christmas Has Come!

Well, Christmas was a wonderful time in the ol’ Abel house.  Zachary and Lucy awoke to find ashes trailing from the fireplace to the tree, some jingle bells fallen astray, and about seven thousand presents.  Not only did they get presents but Sam and I happened to buy each other something.

Finally Sam has a wedding ring to wear upon her finger, which we both love, and some table side lamps.  No big deal.

I had been worried for weeks about Christmas.  It is a tradition to view Star Wars every Christmas day and I have been doing this since seventh grade or so.  Sadly,  I had no copy to view… or so I thought.  I unwrapped the main trilogy on Blu-Ray yesterday morning and it was amazing.  Never before had I witnessed the difference in Blu-Ray until Star Wars.  Keep in mind I’ve seen it on the big screen a few times but have mostly seen the cropped VHS version for many a year and this picture blew me away.

Sam was also amazed, though more so by The Little Mermaid.  Our Disney collection grew a bit yesterday – we now have Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, The Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan.

For dinner we had Hassleback potato gratin and a rib roast.  Rib roasts are super easy to cook, I found, so it may be in our future in the future.