Monthly Archives: June 2013


At some point, someone should remember they have a blog. I have this blog. I’ll blog it. I am trying challengingly so to cut back on my Internet habit. That is the habit I have of refreshing the same five webpages over and over again. It’s boring.

There is job searching going on since the district will no doubt lay so many of us off we will be ill. I don’t know what to do with my “professional” life, especially since I can’t stand the word “professional” and really just want to spend my life making people happier than they were. There is not much money in this unless you are incredibly lucky. Middle class famous people are not out there.

I am in the habit of seeking out fun activities for next year. The school I arrive at will have a motivated person ready to create some sort of Science Club because Science is neat.

I am out of the habit here, you see. I’ve been on the inside too long.