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Final April Poem and Thoughts

From Poetic Asides:

The End

And when the end rolls around
We shall be found ready.
It will surprise us
but not frighten us
for we shall look back
on life
well spent.
Every door opened
at least looked into,
every ring grabbed
every life touched
and we will be happy
with life.

The prompt was a finish.  The idea now is to finally edit these poems.  But do I want to?  I really don’t.  I did this mainly to exercise my creativity everyday.  What this challenge has done is more than that.  I have written far more this April than I have for a long time.  I have worked on different projects.  So often, I wrap myself up in one thing and then forget.  I am now working on four different projects, all of which I feel have legs.

At least, that’s what my scientific polls tell me.  They consist of Christofski or Sam hearing my idea.  They usually say “that’s cool.”  It’s very scientific.

What I have also done is update this website everyday.  Most of the days consist of my silly poems, but others – oh others are so much more.  I am reaching a point where I am constructing essays for people to read.  I am wondering how to improve them.  Things are being done that are realizing my writing dream.

And that is pretty damn cool.

Here’s to April.  I hope the flowers of May are just as sweet.

Root Beer

The other night, I bought a root beer.  This is a simple act for many, but I try not to drink a lot of soda.  It makes it far more special when I finally drink it.  My taste buds were close to overpowered by the sweetness.  Ordinary root beer was not on the menu, I wanted something special.  Real sugar was what I wanted, not high-fructose corn syrup.

If you have been living in a hole, this stuff is bad for you!  Worse than actual sugar.

This is not a rant on the evils of HFCS, but a thought on my family’s root beer habits.

It amazed me how sweet the root beer was.  The past few times I’ve had one, it has seemed somewhat off.  As a child, I drank root beer as if it were water.  My mother could not keep it long in the house as I would guzzle it quickly.  The drinking habit slowed down later in life.  What I discovered a few months ago was the love my brother and I share for this beverage.  It is also matched by my nephew.

My brother is my half-brother.  My mother is his step-mother.  From what I reckon, she was the opposite of an “evil” step-mother.  She was very loving toward my brother, supplying him with root beer.  When my nephew visits, he is given this same drink as well.

I thought of all this as I left Food Pyramid the other night with my root beer.  I also had six kinds of ginger ale for Sam.  She has been throwing up lately and wanted ginger ale, but I wasn’t sure what kind to get her.  She has yet to drink any – soda is something she doesn’t like.  Including root beer.

Which makes me wonder – a rather silly wonder – if my children will share my love for root beer when they are young.  Will this root beer cycle begin anew?  It is a mystery to me.

When I was growing up, root beer seemed to be the main beverage for my friends and me.  We all drank it.  These days, many kids I meet do not even like it.  I am not shocked or appalled, but it is surprising.  The younger youth today are very different from my younger youth and friends.  Everyone seems to be allergic to peanuts and hates root beer.

I wish I had a point to all this, but I don’t.  I just found it to be an interesting memory.  Sitting around on a hot day drinking ice cold root beer.  My feet were filthy, and I didn’t have a shirt on.  I miss those easy breezy days.  And I’m really not that old.

April Poem #27


This is he.
I suppose I would.
That much?
I would have to talk to my wife.
I guess so.
No I don’t want to give you that.
No, I won’t.
Well, then we are at an impasse.
You, too.
Good bye.

April Poem #26

I Am So Over Oklahoma

Hills of polystyrene
across the windswept plain
float on muddied water
that doesn’t belong there.
Cowboys walk everywhere
or drive in their trucks
always sucking fuel
burning wood

April Poem #25

It Shines

The smell of urine,
it falls before my
mighty sponge,
replaced with pine
blue water.
The toilet gleams
as I swirl the concoction
within it’s bowl.
I scrub the floor
the grime released
defeated by me
and my brethren.

April Poem #24

The Gift that Keeps On Giving

The picture my mother
gave to my lady
to remind her of me
features me as a tot
in a diaper.
My face is obscured
by snorkel and mask
with the face of a frog.
“Her frog prince”
she might say.
She just laughs.

April Poem #23

Then and Now

It was Yesterday
when it all seemed
to work.
The plan was
right in front
of me.
To be that one
they all looked
up to and
wished they could be.
It was so simple
It was so easy
to have happen.
Then Life happened.
It happened without warning
without my thought
it just came and
carried me with it
to now.

Number 23.  Not much more time left in the month!

Earth Day & April Poem #22

I suppose we all know it’s earth day.  Earth Day.

Nature Poem

The wind whispers through the trees
as I crunch the twigs on the trail.
Standing upright, my eyes at the sky
Colors bright and vibrant.
Grendel (the canine) runs ahead
A smell too keen to ignore
as he sniffs and lets me pass
and he runs to catch up.
We are alone

Earth Day was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the sixties.  It was for us to celebrate the earth and promote ways to care for it.  I am surprised there isn’t more buzz considering the climate change debate going on in the world.  By buzz, I mean celebrity specials.

Every big day in this world of ours seems to illicit a special on TV.  Either a Christmas, Easter, or Halloween Special.  There’s some sort of celebrity spectacular involving musical acts and fast cuts to the President laughing and applauding.

Where’s the Earth Day Special?  I suppose such an event would seem counter-productive, considering all the resources that would go into such a thing.  I feel I must protest the lack, though.